Survival Training

Training and Education

Just like any skill, Survival Skills require continual practice to stay sharp and ready in the event of a disaster, whether natural or man-made.

Not only will you receive an education in survival skills but also other subjects that are useful for everyday life.

Tactical Training


Plan B Survival and Preparedness was founded on the principle of teaching survival to the masses, while also offering a wide range of survival equipment at the brick and mortar store. You can purchase any of the equipment or print materials at the Store.

JL2 Tactical Online School

JL2 Tactical Online School offers a wide range of classes, from navigation, certified in Homeland Security, Breaching, Active Shooter, how to build a shelter and more.

Currently all of the classes are free to everyone, make sure to sign up while the courses are still free.


Personal Defense Solutions


To support our clients by providing superior training of exceptional value to achieve a high level of confidence when handling firearms. To sustain our vision and mission we constantly seek continuous education while following lessons learned through real life scenarios. We provide a safe, relaxed environment which encourages our clients to be highly productive while training and in their personal life. We also offer custom AR 10 and AR 15 Builds as well as other Firearms Sales.

SA Tactical Gear

SA Tactical Gear offers a wide range of equipment for the prepper and survivalist. From bags to bandages you can find it here online.


Fight Science Academy


San Soo is referred to as a life changing art. As students study the art it builds confidence in their ability, which can be influential to all aspects of their lives. A respect develops for fellow human beings because you can not know another persons ability or character as a fighter when you meet them. However, if you must fight you have the confidence to do your best and stand up for what you believe.