Plan B Survival and Preparedness

We carry a wide array of products to assist you in any natural or man-made disaster. From new products to military surplus from around the world. We focus on the modern day prepper and survivalist. We provide up-to-date reading materials as well as all the up-to-date gear to go with the training.

Learn New Skills at Our Classes

Shelter Building


Learn the basic skills to build a shelter using your surrounding materials. A shelter is one of the most important things to consider if you feel you will lost for some time.

Land Navigation


Learn the importance of accurate record keeping in the field and to triangulate your position on a map.

Fire Building


Learn how to make a fire with primitive methods that have been used for thousands of years.


We have a fully stocked store for all the essentials you would need for adventuring and exploring

Who We Are...

Plan B Survival and Preparedness

Is a company that provides quality new and gently used military surplus as well as new products to help you not only survive in a disaster situation but also explore safely so you get home without an issue.

We also provide classes on how to use the equipment we sell, like a compass and a map. We also help you build your Bug Out Bag so that you aren't carrying more than necessary.

We also have partnered with local companies to provide courses in a variety of disciplines so that you build the confidence you need to survive any situation, as well as a strong understanding as to the use of your equipment.

Some of What we Sell
  • Boots
  • Uniforms
  • Books
  • Gun Parts
  • Compasses
  • and Much More...


Wide Selection of New and Used Surplus

Looking for something specific, we can order it.

What Gear Do I Need?


Family Bug Out Bag

You should have two (2) Bug Out Bags, One for you that you keep with you in the car, on travel, anywhere you go. There should be things that your family will require for at least a month of survival before rescue. Let our team of professionals help you build your Family Bug Out Bag.


Personal Bug Out Bag

Just like the Family Bug Out Bag, the personal one is of equal importance as it will contain things that you will require to survive in the event of a disaster. Let our team of professionals help you build your Personal Bug Out Bag.